Met my boyfriend in rehab

You normally meet your boyfriend in a pub or something like that, but I met my boyfriend in rehab. At the time, I had been working for a Bromley escorts agency for ages, and ended up having a bit of a problem with too much to drink. The problem is that when you work for escort agencies, you do a lot of dinner dating. I was doing a lot of that at Bromley escorts of and I ended up drinking at least a bottle of wine per night. In the end, I found that I could not sleep anymore, and it was starting to cause a real problem. What I did not realize was that I had become an alcoholic.

My boss at Bromley escorts did not think that I had a problem at all as I was fine during the day. The problem started when I got to the restaurant. I needed a drink as soon as possible, or I would not be able to go through with the date at all. If I did not have dinner date that evening, I had to drink at least a bottle of wine before I went to bed. It was strange, and I did not care what color the wine was. I just needed that wine to be able to sleep.

In the end, I had to see my local GP. I did not think that I had a problem with drink, I thought that I was suffering from insomnia but it turned out that I had a problem with alcohol instead. At the end of my appointment, I came out of that doctor’s office in shock, and I did not know what to do with myself. I called my boss at Bromley escorts, and told that I needed some serious time off. He was just as surprised as I was, and I told him that I needed to deal with the problem as soon as possible, and that meant rehab.

It was frightening at first, but I did manage to find a good rehab clinic not a million miles away. My boss from Bromley escorts could come to see me and so could all of my friends. But, the clinic turned out to be pretty strict and I was not able to meet up with friends. In the end, I felt that I went into the clinic with none of my support network at all. It was a very strange feeling and I was not sure that I was doing the right thing at all.

On the first day at the clinic, I met this really nice guy. He was a business person, and he told me that he had the same problem as me. At the clinic you were told to tell people everything about you, and I had to tell him about Bromley escorts. We talked all of the time, and in the end, we realized that we wanted to change our lifestyles. Today, we both live on a small holding outside of Bromley and we are okay. No drink, but we really love what we do for a living. We often say that we have checked out on life, but in many ways we live more than ever. I love it and so does my boyfriend, and I cannot believe how good I feel about life.

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